Why should my child wear a mouth guard?

The importance of wearing a mouth guard when participating in almost any type of sport should not be overlooked.
A mouth guard should be worn for any activity that involves risk of falls, contact with other players or equipment. Soccer, rugby, basketball, hockey, football, baseball, skateboarding are just a few examples of sports that require wearing a mouth guard.

A forceful impact to the mouth can cause tooth fracture, dislodgement and even trauma to the soft tissues. Somewhat unknown by most parents, mouth guards are extremely important and may reduce concussion risk by reducing the force transmitted by a blow to the jaw. You can minimize your risk of these types of injuries by simply wearing a mouth guard.
Many sports now make wearing a sport guard mandatory, but even when they are not compulsory, mouth guards are an important part of safety. Whatever your age or sport consider wearing a sport guard for protection. Just as you would don a helmet when playing football, create a new habit and wear a mouth guard. Do what you can to protect that beautiful smile.

It is important to remember damaged teeth do not grow back. At My Family Dental we are here to: Protect that perfect smile – always insist that your child wear a mouthguard.

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