Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Lisa Mallett has a special interest in cosmetic and sedation dentistry. Her focus is patient comfort and quality dental care for the entire family. If fear and anxiety are keeping you from attaining the beautiful, radiant smile you have always wanted ask our staff about booking a consultation for sedation with Dr Lisa! You’ll love the ease of the appointment and more so the results!

For more information about our Sedation Dentistry services, we invite you to watch our brief video below.


Children’s Dental

Dr. Robinson has a special interest in children’s dentistry and has a very gentle and caring nature. Our dental office has been approved as Child Friendly through an association called Child Friendly Rockies. Dr Robinson’s office received their accreditation in September 2002 after going through a number of qualifications, and is pleased to provide a practice that is so in tune to child awareness and comfort.

We Make Your Child’s First Visit Exceptional

Any first experience in your child’s life should be memorable and fun! At MY Family Dental we ensure that your child’s first dental visit is happy and full of fond memories. Our “Happy Visit” is just that, a fun experience, where we can check the teeth and build up trust with your child. Trust is something we believe is key for any child to feel comfortable. The FUN factor is essential…your child will leave our office smiling and happy!

Our appealing playroom will immediately make your child feel welcome. Dr Robinson’s gentle charm will help your child feel calm and secure. Children rave the helium balloons and goodie bags they take home. The best part of the visit is the “surprise” memento that comes in the mail following your child’s 1st “Happy visit.”

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Adult Cosmetics & Implants

Our team of professionals wants to work with you to make your smile everything you desire and deserve.

Whether it be from food & drink, illness, or environmental factors, our professional whitening system can help bring back the fresh, white smile that is yours. Our whitening treatments can last up to five years, and are quick and painless.

When teeth are weakened, decayed, or cracked, crowns or bridges may be required. A crown (or cap) will fit onto a tooth when the tooth is damaged too much to support a filling. A bridge replaces one or more teeth, and is essentially a series of connected crowns that will stabilize your bite and allow you your bite to function properly. The color and shape are custom tinted and fitted to match your teeth. If you currently have a missing tooth or a gap in your teeth, it is important to have this fixed soon, as having too much space between teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to drift. This can result in migraine headaches, bite problems, gum disease, and loss of additional teeth.

When you need replacement teeth, implants are the strongest and most permanent solution. They are a foundation for crowns, which together will feel and function like natural teeth. First, tiny titanium posts are inserted into your jawbone, and then over 6-8 weeks, they bond with the bone to substitute as tooth roots. During the healing time, a temporary crown or dentures may be worn. When the titanium posts have bonded to the jawbone, we attach small posts which protrude through the gums. We attach the crowns or bridges to cover these posts and create new prosthetic teeth for you. To replace one missing tooth, a single crown is used. If you have a larger gap, a partial prosthesis (fixed bridge) can replace two or more teeth with only two or three implants. A complete dental prosthesis can replace all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw. Implants are strong as or stronger than your natural teeth, and there are no dietary restrictions to maintain them. If you maintain good oral health through healthy lifestyle, brushing, and flossing, your implants will restore your smile and serve you well for many years.

Through the use of bonding and veneers, we can restore your broken, chipped, or stained teeth to their original brightness and luminosity. The process of bonding involves applying, sculpting, and polishing an enamel-like dental composite to the tooth’s surface, thus restoring shape and shine to an individual tooth. Porcelain veneers are custom facings bonded to these tooth surfaces, correcting breaks and chips, and reshaping teeth as required.

Our composite fillings will match your tooth colour. We remove damaged parts of your teeth and replace with the composite, which then hardens into a camouflaged new part of your tooth. No more unsightly, dark and toxic fillings! Our fillings last for years, especially when taken good care of. These will enhance your smile and stop decay in its tracks.


Kids Dental Ed Program

At My Family Dental educating and helping our young patients grow early positive oral habits is a priority. So much so that we have developed a dental education program that goes into the class room. There are no in service programs offered through Alberta Health Services for dental care, therefore we set out to create a fun and educational program to take into the primary grades in the schools. We have accommodated many preschool and grade one classes with this unique and complimentary program.

My Family Dental created a program that grabs the attention of the children and informs them at their level. A big part of the program is a puppet show (along with a professional looking puppet theatre) that features  ‘Harvey the Horse’ and ‘Rymin Simon`. The children love the puppet show!

Our dental education assistant has a great rapport with children. She talks about “sugar bugs” and how to brush them away (especially right before bed) and reviews the basics of proper brushing, flossing and healthy diet towards good oral health.

At the conclusion of the visit, the children are given goodie bags that include a toothbrush, floss and a coloring sheet.

The children go away with a good feeling about visiting the dentist and we know that we’ve done our part to give back to the great community that supports us and also to the children we care for so much!

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International Congress
of Oral Implantologists

My Family Dental is proud to have Dr. Mallette as a member of ICOI.

The ICOI membership signifies commitment to continuous study and training in the field of implantology.  Members develop professionally by participation in a “true family” of international colleagues who are deeply committed to dental implant education.  The result is a strong foundation of quality treatment for their patients.

International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)