I need a filling replaced?

I was told I need a filling replaced, but the tooth is not bothering me. Why should I have it replaced?

If it doesn’t hurt don’t fix it… right? Wrong! Even if you are not having problems or pain with those old fillings or crowns, they may eventually need replacing.

Just consider the amount of work your teeth do every day, it’s not surprising that restorations wear out and need to be replaced.
Outdated fillings may start to leak around the edges from regular wear. That can allow bacteria to get into the tooth or crown where it can cause decay. This type of decay often goes unnoticed until it reaches the nerve of the tooth.

Cracks can also be a problem. We bite with several hundred pounds of pressure per square inch. That can cause tiny cracks in the restored tooth. Left unrepaired, they can lead to fractures that may extend below the gumline.

If your dentist has recommended a filling or crown replacement on an old restoration, they are trying to prevent major problems for you down the road.

Prevention is the best treatment!

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