My Family Dental was carefully designed with children and families in mind. After more than 20 years serving Okotoks and surrounding areas with family dentistry services, it continues to be our mission to provide a warm, friendly and nurturing dental care environment for every family member. Our office has recently undergone an exciting renovation in order to serve your family better. Kids are always excited when they see our wall-mounted video game consoles and other games and toys for younger children to relax with.

Children require special care when it comes to dentistry services. We would like to build an ongoing relationship with your child so that over time, as can work together to:

  • assess their cavity risk
  • provide ongoing guidance on oral health care, and
  • implement preventive strategies to foster a cavity-free childhood

We believe that if children can have fun while developing positive dental habits, they will be more likely to have good oral health for the rest of their lives. Some youngsters can’t wait to hop up into the moving chair and open their mouth wide, while others are terrified to walk past the reception desk. A combination of compassion and technical expertise allows us to care for your child’s unique needs. Come see for yourself!

The carefully selected staff at My Family Dental recognize the unique anxieties that children experience when visiting the dentist. By building a comfortable and trusting environment, the staff help to calm these concerns through gentle answers to questions, and connecting with kids on a personal level.

Dr. Helen Robinson has a special interest in children’s dentistry and has a very gentle and caring nature. A primary goal for her practice is to continue building a team that exemplifies these values.

We offer our clients

  • Convenient appointments
  • Clear explanation of treatments and solutions
  • Comfortable environment
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Clear cost explanations and estimates
  • Direct billing when possible
Child & Youth Friendly Calgary

My Family Dental 2017 - 2018

My Family Dental places a special emphasis on children’s dental care, having received accreditation from “Child and Youth Friendly Calgary” in 2002 and shill hold that endorsement.

From a play room equipped with puzzles, movies and video games to ceiling mounted TV’s in each room, the friendly staff work hard to earn the trust of their littlest patients and make sure their experiences are enjoyable. Each patient receives a very special memento in the mail following their visit.