My first visit to my family dentist


Any 1st experience in your child’s life, should be memorable & most of all FUN!
At MY Family Dental we ensure that your child’s 1st dental visit is happy and full of fond memories. Our “Happy Visit” is just that, a fun experience, where we check the teeth and build up trust with your child. Trust is something we believe is key for any child to feel comfortable. The “FUN” factor is essential….. your child will leave our office smiling and happy!
Our appealing playroom will immediately make your child feel welcome. Dr Robinson’s gentle charm will help your child feel calm and secure. Children rave the helium balloons and goodie bags they take home. The best part of the visit is the “surprise” memento that comes in the mail following your child’s 1st “Happy Visit”.
As our wee patients say, “Wow, this place is fun!”

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